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About the Market

At Northeast Farmers Market, our mission is to create an enjoyable shopping experience that customers of all ages can enjoy. Since 2000, we’ve provided the Minneapolis community with quality products at very attractive prices. We have something to suit everyone’s taste! Our Farmers' Market is home to a number of local professionals who go above and beyond to give back to the community through the products they offer.

Mailing Address: PO Box 68067, Minneapolis MN 55418


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The Northeast Farmers Market adds to the livability of the neighborhood by providing a welcoming and accessible community market and gathering place. We contribute to the success of local growers and producers and foster sustainability in the Northeast community.

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The Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market (NEFM), notably the first community-based farmers markets in the city, is a non-profit organization that was started in 2000 as a gathering place to raise funds and community support for the Eastside Food Co-op (EFC). The market was designed to be a way for the co-op to help build relationships with growers, meat producers, and neighborhood associations and organizations.

When EFC opened its storefront in 2003, the NEFM became its own entity and was supported by the neighborhood and local businesses. Being the closest market for many northern suburbs, the NEFM was able to provide a broad range of services to the community. We provide a weekly space for local non-profit organizations, children’s activities, and live music. Four annual fundraising events have flourished throughout the years, making the NEFM a place for our guests to celebrate the summer and fall seasons and the community spirit of the market.

The NEFM seeks to reflect the neighborhood in which we are located and make quality food and experiences available to people of all ages, ethnicities, and socio-economic positions. Along with a focus on sustainability and building a zero waste environment, the NEFM is dedicated to bringing local and organic food choices into the community and will continue to be a vibrant piece of Northeast Minneapolis.

NEFM was named by City Pages as one of the top ten farmers markets in the Twin Cities, top five by Minnesota Monthly, and one of the best farmers markets in America by The Daily Meal.

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Zero Waste

The NEFM strives to be a Zero Waste market. Zero Waste means all materials are reused, recycled, or composted, resulting in no waste being sent to the landfill/incinerator.


The market requests vendors to do their part to support our zero waste goal. NEFM prohibits the use of styrofoam and encourages everyone to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost.

Zero Waste Highlights:

  • In 2019 we composted 3,100 lbs, recycled 590 lbs and threw away 340 lbs.

  • We partner with a Master Recycler/Composter to provide outreach and education at the market.

  • All market events are advertised as successfully run zero waste events.


How the Program Works:

  • Waste stations are provided at the market, each with three bins: Recycling, Compost/Organics and a small bin for trash.

  • A large banner is displayed at the stations explaining what can be put in the recycling, compost and trash bins.

  • All on-site staff are educated on what can be recycled and composted. Staff is available throughout the market days to monitor bins, which greatly reduces contamination of bins.


Where does the recycling and compost go?

  • Recycling is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility where items are sorted, bailed and shipped for reprocessing into new products.

  • Compost/Organics are taken to an industrial compost site where the materials breakdown into nutrient-rich soil.


Looking to reduce your waste? Here are some helpful links:

Green Shopping Guide

Composting for Kids

Yard Care and Composting

Backyard Composting

Composting Guide

Home Owners Guide to Composting

Zero Waste

EBT Accepted at Northeast Farmers Market!

Helping to increase accessibility to fresh, local, healthy and affordable food for all consumers.

How to Use EBT at the Market:

  • Find the EBT/Information Tent and decide how much you want to spend.

  • We will swipe your EBT card and give you wooden tokens in exchange.

  • You can use the tokens to purchase EBT eligible food items.

There is no fee to use this service. EBT tokens are available in $1 increments. No change can be given for tokens, so purchases should be rounded to the nearest dollar. EBT tokens do not expire, so you can either spend them right away or save them for a future date. Tokens can only be used to purchase food at Northeast Farmers Market only.

Bonus: We double your first $10 in EBT each market day!

We will match the first $10 in EBT once per market day! This dollar-for-dollar match is given in “Market Bucks” at the EBT/ Information Tent when you use your EBT card. Market Bucks can be used to purchase EBT eligible foods and are similar to the wooden EBT tokens, they just look different.

There is no fee to use this service. You can return the next market day and double your first $10 again. Market Bucks are available in $1 increments. No change can be given, so purchases should be rounded to the nearest dollar. Market Bucks do have an expiration date, so we encourage customers to spend these first.

What is EBT?

EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is the electric debit card system that delivers food and cash benefits. Food benefits are distributed through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly the Food Stamp Program. “EBT” and “SNAP” can be used interchangeably.

If you are wondering if you qualify for EBT/SNAP, you can contact the Minnesota Food Helpline at 1-888-711-1151 to find out more information.

EBT can only be used to purchase certain food items. The following lists what can and cannot be purchased with EBT/SNAP benefits:

CAN buy:

• Breads, grains, cereals

• Fruits and vegetables

• Meats, fish, poultry and dairy products

• Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat

• Other food and food products for human consumption.


• Alcohol, beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco

• Nonfood items such as: pet foods, soaps, paper products, household supplies

• Vitamins and minerals

• Food sold to be eaten on-premise

• Hot foods


In 2006, Midtown Farmers Market was the first farmers market in Minnesota to start accepting EBT. Each year, more farmers markets across the state and the nation are accepting EBT. These efforts are essential to make fresh, healthy and local food accessible to low income shoppers. Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market got on board with a pilot program in 2009 as the third market in Minneapolis to start accepting EBT. 



Contact our EBT Coordinator for more information:


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