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Representing Members of the Community Since 2000

Northeast Farmers Market is looking for community members to serve on the Board of Directors! 

Board of Directors Position Description and Application

The Northeast Farmers Market is an independent non-profit, complete with a mission, bylaws, and Board of Directors. The dedication of this group of volunteers makes the Market possible - and with it, food justice, family programming, education, and events that enrich our community.

2022 Board of Directors:

  • Kadi Kaelin - President

  • Katie Woehrle - Vice President / Secretary

  • Martine Sticha - Treasurer

  • Torben Berndt

  • Julie Wong

  • Ann Tandy-Treiber

  • Harlowe Treiber

  • Katie Woehrle

  • Elleni Paulson

  • Naomi Golden

  • Olivia Kurtz

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2022 Staff