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Northeast Farmers Market

Courtesy Policies

Is it free to come to the market?

There is no entrance fee and parking is free. You simply pay for what you purchase with any of our vendors.

How is the market supported?

The Northeast Farmers Market is supported by vendor fees, sponsorship, grants, and fundraiser events. The Market operates on a small budget that supports operating expenses including facility care and maintenance, insurance, permits, licenses, signage, utilities, disposal, site improvements, marketing, and staff.

Why aren't more of your vendors there every day?

Most of our vendors are small, locally-owned businesses. Some have specific seasons and when it's over they no longer have product to sell. Others attend more than one market during the season. These entrepreneurs run their own businesses; many doing it all by themselves and it is a lot to do! Add in the desire and need for days of rest and it's simply not feasible for most vendors to be at the Market every week.

Do you accept credit cards? Do vendors?

The market accepts credit cards in exchange for $5 tokens. Most vendors accept credit cards. All accept cash and some accept checks. Super America on West Broadway and University Avenue has an ATM on premises. Contact individual vendors directly to find out about they accept.

Do you accept EBT? Do vendors?

To use EBT, find the EBT/Information Tent and decide how much you want to spend. We will swipe your EBT card and give you wooden tokens in exchange. You can use the tokens to purchase EBT eligible food items. There is no fee to use this service. EBT tokens are available in $1 increments and tokens do not expire. Bonus: We double your first $10 in EBT each market day! Still have questions about EBT? Email our EBT Coordinator, Madalyn, for more information:

Are dogs allowed at the market?

We love them, but dogs are not allowed at the market. Thank you for your cooperation!

Can I smoke at the market?

The Northeast Farmers Market is a smoke free environment.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. Contact the Market Manager at 612-406-8794 to report items lost or stolen.

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