No Pet Policy

The Northeast Farmers Market has been a dog-friendly market since opening in 2000, and many dogs have been coming to the market for years now. We know them by name, we know their owners, and we looked forward to seeing them every Saturday. It has been a place for our furry friends to gather, accept treats from vendors, and get a mobile dog wash.


However, growth of the market has crowded the shopping aisles during peak spring and summer months, pushing dogs and people, especially children, closer together. The number of dogs has also increased rapidly. Counts in 2019 numbered 80-100 dogs per hour!


In the past few years, we’ve had concerns over safety and sanitary issues from health officials. Conversations have been had about dogs jumping on vendor tables and coming in contact with food, as well as dogfights, safety of children, and dogs relieving themselves in proximity of food.


As a result of these trends, and after much consideration, the Board of Directors has decided that dogs will no longer be allowed inside the market. It wasn’t an easy decision, and the dogs will be dearly missed, but this is the best policy to keep Northeast Farmers Market safe, welcoming, and inclusive.


We hope you take this decision with understanding and continue to enjoy our neighborhood market that still has so much to offer!

Service dogs will be allowed at all times at the Market.


Locally yours,

Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market

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